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How could you, Mrs. Jowett?

The story of pioneer Trout Lake hotelier and prospector Alice Jowett is well told in books such as Circle of Silver as well as on the Arrow Lakes Historical Society’s website. But prior to moving to the Lardeau in 1896, she ran a restaurant in Vancouver. I have found two noteworthy items about that time in her life.

Alice Jowett is seen with grandchildren Erma and Helen Godsoe.

(Edna Daney fonds 68-18/Arrow Lakes Historical Society)

First, Mrs. Jowett advertised regularly in the Vancouver Daily World from March 26 to June 13, 1894. Below is one of those ads.

Secondly, she was fined for the wicked act of … selling food on a Sunday. I don’t know how much she had to pay, but the Daily World was not impressed with the legal system. Below is their item from Aug. 15, 1895.

Maybe this helped prompt her to scour the map for another place with less bureaucracy to run afoul of?

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