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The crane in Garland Bay

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Last September, a group including scuba diver Brian Nadwidny went looking for a Caterpillar tractor supposedly lost in Kootenay Lake at Garland Bay, north of Riondel. Instead they found what appears to be a grapple loader, in 120 feet of water. They think it’s from the 1950s or ‘60s. Brian notes that the engine, batteries, and hydraulic hoses have all been removed. A sign on the back of the truck cab appears to read “TIDL*** Contractors.”

Do you know when, how, or why it ended up in the lake? Post in the comments below, or let Brian know:

“My thoughts on this are that it was rolled or driven onto a barge that was beached,” he says. “The owners took off what they wanted then rolled it off the end of the grounded barge into the lake, which would explain why it was fairly close to the beach at Garland Bay. The sticker with ‘TIDL*** Contractors’ appeared to be under a coat of paint so whoever TIDL*** was they probably weren’t the owners when this machinery went for a swim.”

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