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Nelson’s Big Orange Bridge to be painted

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The Big Orange Bridge will soon be the Big Green Bridge.

The new private owner of the span across Kootenay Lake’s West Arm in Nelson plans a major paint job, transforming the local landmark’s longtime hue.

BC’s Ministry of Transportation sold the bridge last September to Shanghai-based Wifulyu Corp. for $11.8 million. Although company spokeswoman Lirpa Loof insists tolls are “not under active consideration,” she said the company will immediately paint the bridge to cover the “ghastly orange.”

Pink, purple, and yellow were also alternatives (depicted below), but Loof said the company ultimately chose lime green “to better blend in with the surroundings” and because it was “more in keeping with Nelson’s image as an environmentally-conscious community.”

The bridge, built in 1957, was originally silver but was repainted orange in the late 1960s.

April Fool! The above is a bunch of nonsense. I offer this disclosure in case you find this page in August or any other time where your guard is down.

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