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Phantom signs: Greenwood Grocery

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

We recently looked at faux phantom signs in Greenwood left over from filming Snow Falling on Cedars.

But there are a few other real signs, including those on the side of the Copper Eagle Cappucino and Bakery. The building’s south side has four signs: two contemporary ones for the Copper Eagle, plus four old ones: 76 Gasoline, Greenwood Grocery, Use Royal City Canned Foods, and Smoke Totem Tobacco/Fine Cut/Coarse Cut/Save the Wrapper They Have a Cash Value.

A business called the Greenwood Grocery was in business as of 1896, Olson and Phelan, proprietors, but it wasn’t in this building, which didn’t exist yet.

Another Greenwood Grocery opened in June 1913, “having recently taken over the business formerly conducted by L.L. Matthews,” according to an ad.

The proprietors were listed as Lee and Bryan. The 1918 civic directory gave their names as A. Bryan and R. Lee. Bryan bought his partner out in 1923. Ads then showed the proprietors as W.H. and A. Bryan.

From the Greenwood Ledge, June 25, 1914

The Copper Eagle building itself, at 326 South Copper, was constructed in 1899 and was first the Guess Brothers assay office. In 1938, George A. Bryan — a brother to William Henry Bryan — bought the building, and ran Greenwood Grocery there until 1969. He died the following year.

(Greg Nesteroff collection)

Greenwood Grocery is seen at left above. You can also see a bit of the building ca. 1942, showing the Royal City Canned Foods sign, here. But where the Totem Tobacco sign is now, it looks like there was formerly a Sweet Caporal sign.

The envelope below is postmarked 1959.

(Greg Nesteroff collection)

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1 Comment

I always remember going through Greenwood in the late 50s on our way to my uncles in Grand Forks. Still looks about the same.

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