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Phantom signs: Winslow Motors

This business at 323 Vernon Street in Nelson only existed from about 1969-71. Winslow Sommerfeldt (1923-2016) was president and his son Will Sommerfelt was vice-president. The sign is on the east side of the retaining wall below the Terrace Apartments.

According to Winslow’s obituary, “In 1969, they [Winslow and wife Reita] moved the family to Nelson and operated a GM dealership there called Winslow Motors. After a few years there, they moved to Lethbridge before returning to Cardston where they continued working in Central Service until their retirement in 1987.”

While the business only lasted about three years, the sign (which has been tagged since the photo was taken) has survived another 47 years and counting. According to Dian Knorr Hucal, the sign is actually about 65 years old — where it says Winslow Motors, it used to say Reuben Buerge Motors Ltd.

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