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Radio air check: KBS and Sunshine Radio, July 1995

Here are a couple of radio newscasts from the same day in July 1995. The first is Erica Waters reading the 8 a.m. news on the Kootenay Broadcasting System (now EZ Rock), with reports by Graham Currie and Renee Bernard. Morning man Dan Szabo is heard briefly in the beginning.

Click on the play button below to hear it. I like that it contains the lengthy legal ID giving the station’s many frequencies. The news stinger itself was used into the early 2000s. I can’t remember if we still used it when I left the station in November 2004.

Below: Erica Waters

Below: Graham Currie

Below: Dan Szabo

The second cast is Gary Barnes on Sunshine Radio (now 99.3 The Goat). Although the station had a much smaller newsroom, it’s unusual that it does not contain a single local story. Both of these casts were more than eight minutes long; today you will rarely hear a small-market cast of more than four minutes — including news, sports, and weather.

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