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Then & Now: Trail’s Pine Avenue

Here are some more in a series of negatives I bought on eBay last year showing Trail in 1953. These two views show the west side of the 1200 block of Pine Avenue. The building on the corner and the one to the right of it are Carberry’s Flowers and Carberry Funeral Home at 1298 Pine.

BC Assessment gives a construction date of 1948 for the funeral home, but I am presuming that is only the portion on the right. The home was either torn down or renovated beyond recognition into the building that is there today, now Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services.

Further to the right at 1268 Pine is the Oddfellows hall, which at the time was also home to the unemployment insurance office. BC Assessment says it was built in 1915. I’m not sure how long the Oddfellows used it; there is not much about them in the book Trail of Memories, although there is a suggestion that the First Presbyterian Church used to be on the site (built 1896).

Here’s what it looked like on Google Street View in September 2012.

And here’s what it looks like now as Allan’s Sewing Machine Service following a facade overhaul:

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I lived with my parents Vince and Mary Carberry in the house's upstairs living quarters. I was there as a toddler in 1947 and we moved in '55 or '56. In the first picture, the woman looks very much like my mom but it's too small for me to be certain.


Greg Nesteroff
Greg Nesteroff
Jan 17, 2020

Wonderful, thank you!


you mention not knowing how long the Oddfellows used their building; I can tell you that it was still "active" as late as '63 when the Trail Pipe Band used to use it as a practice hall

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